Audio Post Production - James Routh

Audio Post Production

James Routh - Assistant Dubbing Mixer @ ITV Yorkshire - The Leeds Studios

Post Production Sound for Film and Television - Editing, Mixing, ADR and Voiceover recording

James Routh is a freelance dubbing mixer, sound designer and sound editor with years of experience of mixing and sound for broadcast drama and documentary. James has been working in recording studios since his teens and in television sound for the past 4 years. In that time, he has had the pleasure of working with many talented producers and directors on productions for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. James has extensive experience of digital mixing consoles like the industry standard Neve DFC Gemini, not to mention his experience of Pro Tools, Pyramix and AMS Audiofile. James operates from his home studio, running Pro Tools 8, which is also fully portable. Visit James Routh's sound post production website -

  • Audio Mixing (Audio Post Production)
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Effects Editing
  • Dialogue Editing
  • Music Editing
  • ADR Recording
  • Voice-over Recording
Contact James Routh on 0779 654 7678 or email